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Peace of mind is the highest jewel one could possess ~ Kashish GHaving been initiated into a life of spirituality & miracles during her childhood by her Spiritual Master in India, Kashish's purpose in life is to help people expand their consciousness in a comparatively less amount of time. 

Kashish G is the founder of the blog & Spiritual Academy, Karmicbuzz Spirituality;  where she teaches people to live their lives in a manner that would help them carry the least Karmic burden and work towards their soul's spiritual excellence and evolution.

Kashish G teaches that a human being can evolve the highest by raising his' consciousness by way of implementation of the spiritual practices as taught by a Mystic of the Highest Order  (Perfect Spiritual Master) and the implementation of the complete knowledge of Karma as taught by such a Mystic.

How This Course Can Help You In Life

As the seekers start on their Spiritual journeys, they get questions beyond measure and they want the answers to these questions quickly. 

I have poured in my spiritual journey experience of 26 years into this course so this course will definitely help you gain answers to some very important questions in your spiritual journey of life; finding answers to which usually takes a lifetime (like it took me so many years). It will save you enough time for you to move forward quickly on this journey.

Living on earth means that life will always be a mixture of ups & downs,  grief & happiness but if we learn the basics of the laws of our existence on this planet and accordingly perform our actions, that would then lead us to creating a better & peaceful life for ourselves & for those around us.

At the end of this course (or even in the beginning or in  the middle of this course), you will start getting answers to the deepest questions your soul has been searching for,  since eternity. 

for eg. Why certain incident happened to me? Why things in my life are happening the way they are happening? Why was I born in this family? Why do I have a certain health problem? Why somebody treated me in a particular way all my life?

getting  this knowledge will empower you to understand how to have a life of Infinite Peace...

...lately, my friends in different countries have been asking me how I have been living in Peace in India that is full of chaos right now...

but let us ponder over this, 'anybody can be at peace in peaceful times, right? but the real test of peace comes when you can stay peaceful even in the midst of adversity & chaos'...

only then we really can know if one has really reached the ultimate state of peace. Right?

So to share this spiritual wisdom of the path leading to Infinite Peace within you, 

I have created this course that could help you understand life in totality and have answers to the ever-raging questions within you, 

thus leading yourself to the path of Infinite Peace within.

~ Kashish G

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Peace - Session - Experience

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A message from the Teacher

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    MODULE 1 | Getting Answers | Why Was I Born In This Family & More...

    • Getting Answers to the Most Raging Questions of Life | Why Was I Born In This Family & More...

    • Module 1 Assessment

  • 3

    MODULE 2-A | Soul, Religion & The Factors Affecting the Results of Our Actions

    • Soul, Religion & The Factors Affecting the Results of Our Actions

    • Module 2-A Assessment

  • 4

    MODULE 2-B | Religion & Spirituality in Detail

    • Which Religion Are You? Relationship between Spirituality & Religion | Dharma

    • Module 2-B Assessment

  • 5

    MODULE 3-A | I Am Truth | The Realization & Experience

    • I Am Truth | The Realization & Experience

    • 3A Notes

  • 6

    MODULE 3-B | Spiritual Glossary

    • Spiritual Glossary

    • Module 3-B Assessment

  • 7

    MODULE 4 | The Law of Karma In Detail | Is God Biased? | Real Life Karma

    • The Law of Karma In Detail | Is God Biased? | Real Life Karma

    • Module 4 Assessment

  • 8

    MODULE 5 | Kinds of Karma & The Factors That Create Them

    • Kinds of Karma & The Factors That Create Them | Karmic Problems

    • Module 5 Assessment

  • 9

    MODULE 6 | How the Machinery of Karma Really Works Within a Span of Many Years ( With Illustration)

    • How the Machinery of Karma Really Works Within a Span of Many Years ( With Illustration)

    • Module 6 Assessment

  • 10

    MODULE 7 | Peace of Mind | Good Luck & Bad Luck In Life

    • Peace of Mind | Good Luck & Bad Luck In Life

    • Module 7 Assessment

  • 11

    MODULE 8 | Am I Ready Now ?

    • Am I Ready Now? Peaceful Life

    • Module 8 Assessment

  • 12


    • Before you go...

    • A Question

    • More Resources For You



of Mr. Kuldeep Singh

Kashish made us sit in a circle and aroused our sleeping consciousness in her spiritual way. She made us feel the power that every human being needs in truth. Kashish is a highly experienced guide. thank you very very much. We will always need your experience on our spiritual path.


of Priyanka

The moment she hugged me & transferred some peace energies, i knew something in me had changed. Kashish is gifted. She can pull people out there who often are stuck in energies of lack of love. Thank you Kashish.


of Mrs. Makhija

I attended the Peace Session by Kashish G and even after the session was over, I could still feel a very great power in me. There is a very big power that i felt.I feel very good. Thank You so much.



My name is Riddhi. I experienced that even though thoughts keep rotating in my mind like always but after the session I was able to concentrate, I was able to capture. This was an immense improvement for me


I am deeply grateful for the session. Kashish helped me with the healing & answers to love that i had been searching for many months now after my boyfriend left me and my daughter alone.

"The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than mere survival." - Aristotle

My whole life has been about learning the workings of  peace & karma. Since my childhood, the universe had started giving me lessons and had started teaching me how things operate in this world, in very detail.

My Spiritual Master made me see & experience the workings of Karma beyond what the two eyes could see.

It's like the whole purpose of my life was to understand that and share it with the world at a point in time.

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  • When does the course start and finish?

    Each lesson is available in a gap of 3-4 days. Each lesson accompanies resources & quizzes that must be completed before proceeding to the next chapter. Although the present number of lessons can be finished in one to one and a half month if a student proceeds along with the course but more resources will be added throughout the year. Once you are inside, you can have access to all the resources (present & future resources within the course), throughout the year.

  • What if I have any questions during the course. Will I get any help?

    Yes. Sure. You can always reach out with your questions anytime on the email provided inside of the course. Also, you may ask your questions during the weekly spiritual discussions and QnA.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

  • Do I have to pay again for the new resources that you will be adding inside the Peace of Mind & Karma course?

    No. It is a one-time payment and you can have complete access to the future inputs into the course as well.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Unfortunately, this is a final sale purchase. There are no refunds offered at this time.

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